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April 2021 News & Notes

By Barbara Wiesner


Read the latest updates from all the teams and departments at SmartEtailing. Each month our team is working tirelessly to get your website and tools working as efficiently for you as possible.

Company Updates 

SmartEtailing merging with Retail Toolkit

As a part of our ongoing commitment to helping you grow profitably we are merging with Retail Toolkit, a performance management and marketing software. The merger is expected to be completed this summer. Learn more on our blog post

Client Success Updates 

Action needed for Lightspeed POS users

Please update your Lightspeed integration by June 1st for up-to-date inventory and order exports. The current integration will no longer be supported beyond June 2021.

Our new integration allows for enhanced customer service and payroll efficiencies with streamlined online order processing. Update your integration to send complete orders from your website to Lightspeed for easy inventory management.

Follow our instructions to get started on the new integration today!

Streamline your order communications

Send your customer an email when their online order is ready for pick up straight from your website! Learn all the ways we help you set customer expectations for order pickup.

Ebike categorization

The ebike products in SmartEtailing's catalog occupy a new dedicated branch in the Cycling catalog that sits on the same level as Bikes. This makes ebike products easily findable in the megamenu as a distinct category of product. Ebikes also retain their existing cross-categorizations with non-ebike.

Along with the new Electric category, you will notice the original electric sub-category still appears in your catalog. Before we remove the original, please take a moment to update any links on your homepage or internal pages to the old sub-category. 

Marketing Updates

Proactively reach your audience

Successful national retailers target your customers using email and social media - shouldn’t you? We make it easy for you to get the word out on a regular basis, keeping you top of mind when your customers are ready to make their next cycling purchase.

Each premium content package is $400 and comes with a landing page, homepage graphic, plus content for social media and email marketing. This content can be customized to reflect the brands that you carry. Ready to get started? Email to get rolling.

Content Updates

Free marketing content

New marketing content is always in the works. Recently, we've added the following new content to the marketing Library.

Need help installing new content? Reach out to our Client Success team for assistance. 

Catalog updates

SmartEtailing added 1,025 new catalog items in March. The Content Team is seeing an increase in brand data as manufacturers resolve supply chain issues from the past year and prepare new products for spring releases.

Snow Sports catalog & purchase orders

In order to build the best Snow Sports catalog possible, we are asking all participating retailers to provide any purchase orders, brand and manufacturer contacts, and media resources that they have available. Information can be forwarded to

Embargoes and supply chain issues

SmartEtailing's Brand & Suppliers team works closely with our contacts at cycling manufacturers. We are tracking shifting embargo and release dates as supply chain issues continue to affect the cycling and outdoors industries. If you are waiting on a particular product, or need an estimate for when an item will be available in the Cycling or Snow Sports Catalog, please reach out to your SmartEtailing Client Success representative.

Stay current with newly available and upcoming brands on the home page Update Center in the Site Manager of your SmartEtailing website.


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