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SmartEtailing merging with Retail Toolkit

By Ryan Atkinson

SE_BlogPost_RetailToolkit21_670x470-blueAs a part of our ongoing commitment to helping you grow profitably we are merging with Retail Toolkit, a performance management and marketing software. The merger is expected to be completed this summer.

The bike industry is changing. Flexible commerce solutions, intelligent decision making, and personalized marketing are all elements of a successful long term retail strategy. 

SmartEtailing is excited for the opportunity to grow our team and our capabilities through this merger with Retail Toolkit.

Retail Toolkit's Standout Features

Performance  management 

Retail Toolkit’s business intelligence features will offer SmartEtailing clients new ways to interact with your data. The software offers seamless integration with Ascend and Lightspeed for real time access to your data. 

The system offers easy-to-use reports and intuitive dashboards that deliver a complete view of your store performance at a glance.

Inventory management tools help you avoid stock shortages and overages by leveraging sales patterns for a clearer picture of what to order and when. While multi-store functionality makes it easy to balance stock across locations. 

With advanced open to buy planning capabilities, you can increase turns by purchasing according to inventory trends. You can use your transaction data to buy the right products at the right time to increase turns and reduce costly marketdowns.

Staffing capabilities empower you to schedule employees according to sales and visitor traffic data to keep labor costs under control and manage payroll for your entire workforce.

These new features will bring big-box data insight capabilities to independent local bike shops like yours.

Marketing and rewards

SmartEtailing will soon offer solutions to help you increase average client value and purchasing frequency.

Email automations can be integrated with your point of sale data and configured with advanced segmentation to send personalized emails to customers. By staying connected with your customers you can get better customer engagement and keep them shopping with you again and again.

Rewards functionality offers you complete control in building a custom loyalty program for your business. You set the rewards, achievements, tiers, and how points are earned or redeemed. Your customers can monitor their reward points using your own mobile web application with push notifications to encourage engagement.

Your partner for the future

We expect that as competition increases, shops will need data driven management tools and proactive marketing to maximize profitable growth.

Your SmartEtailing website has unmatched capabilities to make ecommerce sales growth easy by leveraging automations and supplier integrations. With the addition of Retail Toolkit, you will have enhanced tools and resources to help you thrive in-store and online as retail evolves.

Expect more details this summer. We look forward to working with you in exciting new ways.

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