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Winter Direct Mail Now Available

By Ray Kennedy


The fourth quarter is a critical time for bicycle retailers to maximize sales. In seasonal markets, December in particular is your best opportunity to bring cash in, move aging inventory, and finish your year strong. For retailers in warmer climates, your riding season is starting to pick up and you want to capture market share. Whatever your business need, direct mail from SmartEtailing can help you achieve your goals.

Our carefully-crafted mail pieces are designed to drive qualified shoppers to your business ready to buy. Whether you’re looking to attract new customers or bring back existing customers for additional purchases, direct mail is a proven marketing tool that draws consistently higher average net sales and redemption rates than other marketing channels.

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Return on Investment

We carefully track return on investment for each direct mail. Over the last three years, our plastic “tear-off” mailers delivered during December generated a 235% average return on investment for bicycle retailers, with some retailers achieving a whopping 908% return. Even our paper postcard mailers deliver average returns over 100% when mailed over the holidays.

Consumer Spending During Holidays

Consumer spending on holiday-related purchases topped $1 trillion last year, and you’re competing for a share of those dollars. We have pre-designed mailer options to support promotions or customer loyalty offers. We can offer expert advice about which tool is right for your business.

Options for All Regions

For retailers in warmer climates, our Prospecting mailers provide an excellent platform for putting your brand into the homes of potential new customers in your target neighborhoods. For retailers farther north, we recommend that you focus on marketing to existing customers to encourage repeat spending. Regardless of your strategy, our marketing experts can help.

Order Before October 30

Give us a call today for a free consultation and let our direct mail team find a solution for you. Orders are due October 30, so contact us right away so we have ample time to collaborate on an effective marketing campaign.

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