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By Ryan Atkinson

Bike Shop Direct Mail From SmartEtailing

All of the marketing that we do at SmartEtailing fundamentally falls into two buckets; prospect marketing and loyalty marketing. There are a number of tools to support each marketing objective. Over time, our team and clients have learned that direct mail can play an important role in each.

We are currently taking orders for Summer Prospect and Loyalty mailers. Orders are due April 21 so act fast!

Prospect Marketing

The most compelling way to grow your business is to get new customers in your door. With direct mail, it takes a lot of experience and strategic know-how in order to do this effectively. SmartEtailing has both.

We have partnered with a national vendor that enables us to saturate neighborhoods that you want to target with direct mail postcards. Our unique delivery method allows us to bypass two significant costs typically associated with mailing to prospects; postage and list purchasing.

Our team will work with you to identify the areas you want to target and we will help you design a mailer and coupon offers that will appeal to your customers.

Loyalty Marketing

Many retailers overlook the low-hanging fruit for business growth; getting more business from existing customers.

At SmartEtailing, we have a purpose-built loyalty mailer that is designed to encourage your best customers to visit your business for their next purchase. We utilize a thick glossy plastic postcard mailer that features a detachable gift card-style coupon. These mailers are sent without any “sale” messaging. Instead, the messaging is designed to thank and reward your best customers.

If you choose to partner with SmartEtailing on a Loyalty Mailer, we will help you identify the customers on your list who are most likely to respond to marketing. We have a proprietary method of sorting and ranking your customers that is informed by a decade of working exclusively with independent bicycle retailers on direct mail marketing.

Order by April 21

The right direct mail tools can help you get new customers into your business and help you get more visits from your existing customers.

The goal of each of these products is to stimulate additional business from rising organic demand in your market. We want mailers arriving in late May or early June, depending on the project. In order to meet those timelines, we need all orders to be placed in April.

If you haven’t tried direct mail yet, this is the perfect time. You don’t have to put product on sale, you can simply leverage the power of couponing to drive traffic. Typically there are a limited number of retailers in any market that are willing to invest in marketing. If you are the one to make the investment, we are confident that we can deliver results that help 2017 be a successful summer for your business.

Click here to see pricing and timeline information. Fill out the no-obligation sign-up form to request a call from a member of our marketing team.

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