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NEW TaxJar Integration Now Available

By Ryan Atkinson


SmartEtailing websites are now easier to configure, collect sales tax precisely, and provide consumers with a better shopping experience at no additional cost to retailers.

We rebuilt the Sales Tax component of SmartEtailing from the ground up with the latest technology. This upgrade includes an integration with TaxJar - the industry leader in sales tax automation.

Accurate sales tax with TaxJar

TaxJar’s robust automation platform helps retailers get sales tax right. Our API integration connects to TaxJar’s calculation engine to apply rooftop-accurate tax rates based on a customer’s state, county, city, and even district. Their in-house team of sales tax experts are constantly reviewing the ever-changing tax codes at the state and local level so retailers don’t have to.

Learn more about TaxJar on their website,

Why we upgraded

Ecommerce sales growth rates continue to outpace in-store growth - which makes investments in improving consumer and business experiences with online selling easier. 

With our new integration, the ease of use and benefits to our retailers, the decision to upgrade was clear. 

  • Easy for retailers to configure
  • Rates automatically calculated
  • TaxJar experts update rates for ever-changing tax codes
  • Rooftop-accurate tax rates for consumers at checkout
  • Better consumer shopping experience
  • Improved sales tax collection compliance for retailers

Take the next step

Utilizing sales tax integrations is typically costly for retailers, but we are excited to offer this service to our retailers for no additional cost. 

Our new integration is available to both US and Canadian retailers with SmartEtailing websites. This upgrade includes an automatic transfer of your existing site settings to the new application. No action is required on your behalf. 

While not necessary, this is a good time to review your tax settings for accuracy and get familiar with this new feature. You can find your new “Tax Settings” page in your Site Manager under Settings. Please visit our help center for more information.

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If you don’t currently work with SmartEtailing, please request a free demo and allow us to show you how easy it is to open up ecommerce sales growth opportunities for your business.


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