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S-Fulfillment Now Available

By Ryan Atkinson

Specialized Bicycles has released an exciting new integration with the SmartEtailing Supplier Fulfillment service. Local bike shops can unlock even more sales growth potential from the Specialized brand.

Authorized Specialized retailers in the US market can sell qualifying Specialized, S-Works, and Roval equipment online for Specialized to drop ship directly to your customer.

Supplier Fulfillment offers a seamless shopping experience for the rider and an easy selling process for you.

Benefits include:

  • Riders get gear faster
  • Reduced order management time
  • Fewer special orders
  • Simplified logistics

How the process works: 

  • Rider buys Specialized gear on YOUR SmartEtailing website
  • Login to your SmartEtailing website to process the order
  • Select “Request Supplier Fulfillment” and choose Specialized
  • SmartEtailing transmits the order request to Specialized
  • Specialized ships the order to the rider
  • Specialized sends confirmation and tracking number to SmartEtailing

Supplier Fulfillment offers a seamless shopping experience for the rider and an easy selling process for you.

S-Fulfillment builds on the company’s current drop ship capability that requires the retailer to facilitate the transaction using the Specialized B2B portal. The B2B service is still available for special orders placed in the store or for retailers without a SmartEtailing website.

Distributed logistics has become an important part of modern retail. Consumers have come to expect that they will find an expanded selection of products on an independent retailer’s website - with some products shipping directly from manufacturers.

Retailers who want to maximize the sales potential of this new program are encouraged to deploy Specialized specific marketing initiatives like Google Shopping Ads, email marketing, social media advertising, and dedicated online merchandising for Specialized gear.

If you already have Supplier Fulfillment enabled on your SmartEtailing website then simply confirm your Specialized supplier sync settings, ask to opt into Specialized as one of your fulfillment partners, and start processing orders with Specialized Supplier fulfillment. 

If you are new to drop shipping, contact our Client Success team to learn more and enable the service for your SmartEtailing website.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are all Specialized retailers eligible for drop shipping?

A: Yes! All Specialized retailers in the United States that have executed a Specialized Online Selling Addendum are eligible. You will need to get approval from Specialized before contacting our Success Team for help activating Specialized drop shipping service. Simply fill out this form to get started. 

Q: How do I set up Specialized Drop Shipping?

A: It’s easy! You’ll be selling directly from Specialized warehouses in a matter of minutes. 

  1. Get approval from your Specialized rep
  2. Reach out to the Success Team, and we will help you get set up with Supplier Fulfillment. There are some technical pieces on our end to take care of. 
  3. Run a test order through each partner to make sure everything works as intended, and you are familiar with the process.

Q: What else do I need to do on my SmartEtailing website for drop shipping?

A: All retailers on our Professional website package are eligible to enable drop shipping. Make sure you have your dealer number/ ID and location ID added to your SmartEtailing Site Manager under Supplier/Brand>Supplier Accounts>Specialized. You will also need your shopping cart enabled and Specialized Supplier Sync turned on. Need help curating your catalog and Supplier Sync settings? Please do not hesitate to email, chat, or call.

Q: As a retailer, are there additional fees to participate in drop shipping?

A: SmartEtailing is waiving the fee associated with setting up your drop shipping services to help retailers like you sell more Specialized products. There is a small monthly fee of $35 to maintain the service.

Q: As the retailer, do I pay Specialized per order?

A: There is no additional fee paid to Specialized for each online order you choose to fulfill via drop ship. The retailer will be responsible for covering shipping costs which can be charged to the customer at checkout.

Q: Do all products distributed from Specialized qualify for drop shipping?

A: All Specialized, S-Works, and Roval equipment SKUs are available to be drop shipped (excluding most bikes and Turbo batteries). Additional items that qualify for drop ship include framesets (excluding Turbo framesets), Riprock Coaster bikes, Hotwalks, and the Jett line of bikes.


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