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May 2022 Marketing Content

By Cate Swank

SE_EMAIL_MayUpdate22_670x445-Apr-28-2022-06-06-14-59-PMIt's national bike month and riding season is in full swing! We have new digital marketing content ready to promote National Bike Month, Mother's Day, and Memorial Day. Start planning ahead for the busy month now and reach out to our team if you need help marketing your business or updating your website.

Don't see marketing materials for the product categories that you want to promote? Want something customized to fit your landscape? Reach out to our support team or your marketing account representative today - we would love to help you get what you need to increase sales online and in-store.

SE_EMAIL_MayUpdate22_670x445-2May is National Bike Month

During the entire month of May we get to celebrate all that the bike is to us. By highlighting National Bike Month, you’ll showcase the importance of cycling and guide your customer base to the multitude of nuances that your inventory of bikes and products comprise. Allow your customers to join you in this celebration that’s dedicated to one of our favorite past times.

Found in the Page Library under Seasonal Content > Spring > May is National Bike Month


Memorial Day Deals

Memorial Day can sometimes be known as a weekend of deals and discounts. We’ve found it is more important than ever to be sure to honor our fallen heroes at the same time as presenting a great sale on any or all of your inventory. With this page, you’ll be able to recognize the purpose of the holiday while shining a spotlight on saving your customer’s money.

Found in the Page Library under Holidays > Memorial Day Deals

SE_EMAIL_MayUpdate22_670x445-4Give Like Mom Gives This Mother's Day

Time to show all the moms some necessary bike love. Help your customers shop with ease for Mother’s Day by seamlessly leading them to your freshly released gear or ways they can set up an appointment with your service team to give the gift of maintenance. Let’s give the moms in our lives a much deserved bike or gear refresher so they can continue riding happily.

Found in the Page Library under Holidays > Give Like Mom Gives This Mother's Day

SE_EMAIL_MayUpdate22_670x445-3Trade In & Upgrade Your Bike

Introduce your customers to their new dream bike and take their riding experience to a whole new level! Help your shoppers discover how easy and convenient trading up is with you. 

Found in the Page Library under Services > Trade In & Upgrade Your Bike

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