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May 2021 Marketing Content

By Stacey Moses

SE_EMAIL_MayUpdate21_670x445Cycling season is in full swing - even fair-weather riders are making their way outside, and you have a great opportunity to get in front of them with new products and promotions. Take advantage of the widely promoted National Bike Month happenings, and message to moms (and people shopping for moms) with fun Mother's Day content. Check out our new library content and refresh your homepage today.

Don't see marketing materials for the product categories that you want to promote? Want something customized to fit your landscape? Reach out to our support team or your marketing account representative today - we would love to help you get what you need to increase sales online and in-store.

SE-EMAIL-MayMarketingUpdate21-bike-monthMay is National Bike Month

Celebrate a month dedicated to bikes with this helpful homepage graphic and landing page combination. Help your customers find the gear they need for a successful commute or enjoyable rides around town.

Found in the Page Library under Community > May is National Bike Month


Mother’s Day 2021

Bikes are as diverse as the moms who ride them - that’s the inclusive message for this year’s Mother’s Day content. On this page, we have suggested bikes and gear for any and every mom, from indoor spinners to trail shredders.

Found in the Page Library under Sales and Promotions > Mother's Day 2021

SE-EMAIL-MayMarketingUpdate21-mothers-dayDIY: Fix a Flat

Mix it up with do-it-yourself service content. We all know that flat tires happen, and ensuring that your customers are prepared for the inevitable bump in the road helps solidify you as a helpful resource for future riding and maintenance needs.

Found in the Page Library under Products > Gear > DIY: Fix a Flat

Refresh Your Homepage

Responsive home page highlights can now be found at the bottom of each corresponding landing page in the SmartEtailing Page Library.

Step One: Find Your Content

To access the new responsive highlights, go to Content Manager > Page Editor and click the "Page Library" tab.

Step Two: Import Your Page

Choose your new responsive page and import it into your library by clicking the yellow icon in the Action column. You will be prompted to select a folder for the new page and given the option to set the imported page to active.

Step Three: Add the Highlight to Your Home Page

Click the “Your Pages” tab and locate your new page. Select the Edit icon to open the page, then scroll to the bottom to find the responsive highlight content as well as detailed instructions for installation.

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