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Benefits of Loyalty marketing right NOW

By Ryan Atkinson

The evolving market conditions are clear. Organic demand from new bike buyers is waning. Certain categories are over-inventoried. Cash is tight.

What do you do?

One of the most important things you can do is take action in remarketing to customers who purchased from you over the last few years.

A meaningful percentage of new riders are sticking with cycling. Many of these new riders haven’t established their shopping habits yet. Or if they have, it's with Amazon or REI.

With effective personalized email marketing, your business can compete for a share of these riders’ spending and build shopping habits that will sustain your business for years to come.

The power of automated emails lies in the ability to leverage customer data to effectively communicate with your customers in a personalized way.

Be relevant and get results

Today’s consumers are bombarded with information, and businesses are constantly looking for ways to cut through the noise to reach their audience. Email campaigns that are segmented to specific audiences are a sure way to improve your results.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns compared to one-size-fits-all campaigns. 

More sales, more site visits, and more consumer engagement can be had at a low cost by adding a SmartEtailing’s Loyalty subscription to your website.

Email marketing is more powerful than it’s ever been. Our software reads data from your point of sale and matches that to personalized email campaign tracks customized for different areas of value to your business.

Aftermarket suggestions

Over the last few years, you were often too busy or understaffed to effectively sell add-ons to new bike buyers. Well, the customers’ needs are still there, and those earlier missed opportunities could add up to meaningful sales for you.

New bike buyer campaigns can be applied to customers who bought bikes in the past, and can run on an ongoing basis for every new sale you close. Each campaign can have a series of emails sent over time that speak to the changing needs of the customer.

Campaigns can change for every type of bike, so mountain bike buyers and electric bike buyers get completely unique suggestions.

You aren’t limited to just bikes. You can build campaigns for virtually every suggestion selling opportunity - even factoring in complex rules like exclusions. For example, a customer bought a set of wheels but no tires - send a coupon for new tires.

Sell more service

Wouldn’t it be great if your software systems automatically reminded customers when it was time for their annual tune-up?

That’s exactly what we do. Link your email to your online service appointment page and make it even easier for customers to say “yes” to your suggestion.

You can use automations for fit services too. Say your customer bought a high-end road bike but didn’t pay for a premium bike fit. Simply build your campaign and you will have an ongoing follow-up marketing plan working to increase your business over time.

Trade-ins and upgrades

In your perfect world, every bike buyer will turn into a lifelong cyclist who keeps buying new bikes from you every couple of years.

You can take a more active role in earning those upgrades by sending email reminders at intervals of your choosing with suggestions about your trade-in program or new models.

This can be especially valuable as a customer service tool if you are reminding parents when it might be time to size up to a larger kids' bike.

Put your data to work

You have a wealth of data in your point-of-sale system. SmartEtailing’s Loyalty software can harvest that data and automatically send personalized emails to each of your customers.

Connecting your point of sale is easy and the monthly cost is extremely low. The decision to add automated emails to your marketing plan should be easy. You can be more active in earning repeat customers without having to lift a finger after you complete the setup.

Helping you succeed with technology and marketing services is what we do. Sign up today for a free trial of our Loyalty marketing services so we can start growing sales from your customers right away.

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