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Meet Lola, SmartEtailing's Newest Template

By Stacey Moses

SE_BlogPost_LolaTemplate21_670x470 (1)Optimized usability and shoppability - that was our objective when we designed Lola, the latest responsive template available for all SmartEtailing retailers.

Since we’ve rolled out our responsive template environment, ecommerce trends have continued to evolve. While many of the basic principles remain the same - always put the user first, design for all screen sizes, be informative but concise - user behavior has adapted to an ever-changing online and retail environment. 

Now more than ever, it’s critical to have a website that meets your visitors’ expectations and guides them quickly and efficiently to the goods and services that they want. With an easy-to-find search bar and features to improve the shopping experience, Lola can help you accomplish this goal.

Learn more about Lola’s features, and explore all of our new responsive template options in the Template Publisher within your Site Manager.

Lola's Standout Features

Prominent Search Field

All SmartEtailing templates feature a search bar. On Lola, we made the search field even easier to find by enlarging it and placing the white field against a dark background for high contrast. We also strategically kept the search bar on the right side of the website to meet consumer expectations. 

Our research shows that many customers begin their buying journey by utilizing the search bar to track down the item they are looking for, and websites with well-designed, accessible search bars have an increased conversion rate. Lola’s search bar is designed to grab a shopper’s attention and efficiently guide them to the products you offer.

Store Hours Dropdown

Clean design that highlights your brand, products, and services is the goal of all our website templates. Lola neatly tucks your store hours into your header with a dropdown menu. This new feature ensures your business hours are maintained within one line of text, no matter how variable by day they may be.

The Most Mega Menu

Our largest mega menu yet allows your customers to easily see the wide variety of product categories you offer. Lola’s shopping mega menu opens to fill the complete width of the website on desktop. The new menu includes a convenient to close button so your customers can easily scroll through the page they are on or continue to explore your website.

Get Started With Lola

Lola is now available in the SmartEtailing Template Publisher. Like our other templates, configuring Lola to include your logo and brand colors is easy using our Theme Editor. Get started by following instructions in our Help Center article, watching this video to learn more, or contacting us with any questions.

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