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July 2022 Marketing Content

By Cate Swank

SE_EMAIL_JulyUpdate22_670x445Give your website a proper refresh with our latest content. Check out the MTB Summer resource about encouraging customers to explore the mountains or their local trail system with a new mountain bike. In Stock & Ready To Rock says it in its name, showcase all of your inventory that's available in store today. Last up is Ride As A Family, which features the many ways we can help ease stress with the proper gear and make the most out of rides with the whole family. 

We would love to help you get what you need to increase sales online and in-store. If you don’t see marketing materials for the product categories that you want to promote, we can create it.  Let us customize your website and email campaigns to take your marketing to another level. Reach out to our support team or your marketing account representative today to get started.

MTBSummerMTB Summer

Convert more of your customers to the thrill seeker level and invite them to explore everything MTB. Here you can shine a bright light on all of your full suspension and hardtail mountain bikes as well as safety gear and the proper tools every mountain biker should have.

Found in the Page Library under Seasonal Content > Summer > Make It A MTB Summer


In Stock & Ready To Rock 

For the first time in a long time, it’s safe to say that inventory levels are overflowing. It’s exciting and ever so slightly daunting. Which means it’s the perfect time to highlight all the new bikes and gear that your shop has in stock and ready to buy. Add this well timed content to showcase all the right shoppable categories today.

Found in the Page Library under Seasonal Content > Summer > In Stock & Ready To Rock

RideAsAFamilyRide As A Family

Let’s inspire the whole family to get out and ride together. Show your customers that it can be easier than they think to make riding super fun and carefree. We’ll help you highlight all the right bikes, trailers, strollers, child seats, and accessories.

Found in the Page Library under Seasonal Content > Summer > Ride As A Family

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