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January 2019 Free Marketing Content

By Andrew Smith

SE_EMAIL_JanUpdate19_670x445Kick off 2019 with a bang. For February we have marketing materials prepped to help you promote winter riding with a focus on winter-ready bikes and apparel. Mid-winter also lends itself to a focus on indoor trainers and service specials. Don't let your marketing efforts stop cold, check out these marketing materials today.
These marketing materials are designed to drive sales online and in-store. Don't see marketing materials for the product categories you want to promote? Reach out our support team, or your marketing account representative, and they would love to help you get what you need to increase sales online and in store.

SE_LIB_HH2000x667_WinterBikes19Winter Bikes

Don’t let the extremes of winter stop your customers from riding. Introduce them to great fat bikes, mountain bikes, and other adventure bikes. Keep them in the saddle all year long and upsell the gear they need to crush it.

SE_LIB_HH2000x667_WinterApparel19-TrekWinter Apparel 

Be it snow or just colder weather, getting them the right gear is essential. Market to the customers willing to tackle cold weather riding and show off new gear and bikes for the adventurous riders.

SE_LIB_HH2000x667_IndoorTraining19Indoor Training

Smart trainers are a great way to introduce new customers to indoor trainers and to give existing customers some new to get excited about. This technology keeps them cycling all winter long and in prime shape to hit the roads this spring.

SE_LIB_HH2000x667_WinterOverhaul19Winter Service

During the offseason, promote services to get customers into your shop. January is an excellent time to promote your more thorough service packages, like complete overhauls, and to offer help selecting replacement parts or component upgrades.

SE_LIB_HH2000x667_BikeFit19Bike Fit

Fit services are a great way to get enthusiastic cyclists in the door. The time that your fit specialist spends working with each customer builds a deeper relationship as well as to learn more about your most valuable shoppers.


Install Tips

These and other marketing assets can be found in your Content Manager Library. Multiple sizes are now available for each highlight, as well as multiple brand options! Import the size that fits your rotator and link to your new page. We even have solutions for those using a responsive template.

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