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January 2020 Marketing Content

By Stacey Moses

SE_EMAIL_JanLibraryUpdate20_670x445Help your customers shake off those post-holiday blues with inspiration for outdoor winter adventures. Feature cold weather apparel to help people ride safely and comfortably in all conditions. Promote winter bike service and indoor training as great ways to bring people into the shop who might otherwise take a few months off.

Don't see marketing materials for the events or product categories that you want to promote? Want something a little less snowy to fit your climate? Reach out to our support team or your marketing account representative today - we would love to help you get what you need to increase sales online and in-store.

SE_EMAIL_JanLibraryUpdate20_670x445-winter-apparelWinter Apparel

Help the winter warriors in your community gear up for colder rides, and show more casual riders how comfortable and enjoyable cycling in the snow can be with the right clothing. This page features outerwear, jerseys, and gloves and can be modified to meet your inventory needs.

Can be found in the Page Library under Products > Apparel Winter Cycling 

SE_EMAIL_JanLibraryUpdate20_670x445-winter-serviceWinter Service

Encourage engagement all year long with tips and tools for bike maintenance. Suggest that riders drop off their bike now to take advantage of winter service rates and promote the purchase of lubes, cleaners, and other tools of the trade. The offseason is the perfect time for repair and restoration.

Can be found in the Page Library under Services >  Winter Bike Service

SE_EMAIL_JanLibraryUpdate20_670x445-indoor-cyclingIndoor Training

We have two page options to help you promote indoor trainers this year - Saris and Wahoo. Explain the benefits of new smart trainer technology and suggest cycling shoes as a logical add-on to the trainer purchase. Take advantage of those newly committed resolutions to get fit this year!

Can be found in the Page Library under Product > Gear > Indoor Bike Trainers - Saris

Can be found in the Page Library under Product > Gear > Indoor Bike Trainers - Wahoo


Screenshot 2019-12-23 14.22.29

Durable Content

Every month, we also create new general landing pages for our library. These pages help you share important in-store service and relevant product information with your customers. Designed with rich content and catalog links, these pages are optimized for online searches in your market.

New durable pages for January:

Can be found in the Page Library under Products > Gear > New Bike Essentials

Can be found in the Page Library under Products > Bicycles > Fat Bikes

Can be found in the Page Library under Products > Apparel > Cycling Shoes

Install Tips

Responsive home page highlights can now be found at the bottom of each corresponding landing page in the SmartEtailing Page Library.

Step One: Find Your Content

To access the new responsive highlights, go to Content Manager > Page Editor and click the "Page Library" tab.

Step Two: Import Your Page

Choose your new responsive page and import it into your library by clicking the yellow icon in the Action column. You will be prompted to select a folder for the new page and given the option to set the imported page to active.

Step Three: Add the Highlight to Your Home Page

Click the “Your Pages” tab and locate your new page. Select the Edit icon to open the page, then scroll to the bottom to find the responsive highlight content as well as detailed instructions for installation.

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