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Introducing Our Snow Sports Catalog

By Sam Larson

SE_BlogPost_SnowSportsCatalog19_670x470-1SmartEtailing's new Snow Sports Catalog is available for the 2019-2020 season. This add-on catalog enables shops that split the year with snow sports to effectively merchandise ski and snowboard equipment on their SmartEtailing site.

Why Snow Sports?

Bike shops and ski shops go together like peas and carrots. We’ve always had clients that maximize their sales year-round by stocking snow sports equipment when the weather turns too frosty for two-wheeled adventures.

Expanding the SmartEtailing catalog into snow sports made sense.

Online shopping is transforming the snow sports industry very much like bikes. Shoppers are looking online for product information, product availability, price, and specs for snow sports gear just like they are for bikes during the warmer months.

Building a snow sports catalog for SmartEtailing helps our retail clients net their share of online traffic and drives shoppers to their local website and store.

Listening to Our Clients

We interviewed retailers regarding essential categories and brands, desired non-catalog content, required time lines for product availability, and content format. Those interviews, plus additional research into our competitors online resources and online snow sports retail in general, allowed the SmartEtailing Content Team to create a new catalog that reflects client needs in every aspect.

What's in the Snow Sports Catalog?

For the initial launch of the SmartEtailing Snow Sports catalog includes essential hardgoods from key manufacturers. The brands that we’ve chosen to work with represent the top tier of the snow sports world. Salomon, K2, Line, Armada, Atomic, Nordica, Giro, and others are all available.

Our catalog is built around product categories like skis and snowboards, boots, poles, and bindings, the cornerstone of our retailer’s snow sports business. Helmets and goggles are also represented as high-margin accessories that drive additional sales.

The SmartEtailing snow sports catalog is built using ecommerce best practices, an SEO-driven perspective, and input from high-volume snow sports retailers.

With a clear, concise schema, categories chosen for their high web traffic and high profitability, and brands chosen by you, our clients, this catalog is an easy add-on that maximizes the value of your inventory by allowing you to sell your essential products online.

Apparel and Soft Goods

We know that apparel and soft goods play an important part in many retailer’s in-store selection. They’re valuable add-on items that provide great margin and increase average sales value. But if that’s the case, why isn’t there any apparel in the snow sports catalog?

The initial roll out of the SmartEtailing snow sports catalog emphasizes high-value hard goods content exclusively. We made this decision to support what our clients told us were essential snow sports product categories. However, the SmartEtailing Content Team created additional categories within the catalog for those retailers who stock soft goods and apparel.

While SmartEtailing won’t be creating apparel of soft goods content this year, retailers can work with the SmartEtailing Support Team to build their own soft goods content to continue selling apparel in their online retail platform.

Additional Non-Catalog Content

Along with essential catalog items from high-profile snow sports brands comes non-catalog content designed to sell additional services. Features and pages for custom boot fitting or ski tuning services are on the way and further non-catalog content is under development. These landing pages emphasize the specialized services that your shop provides and can be used to further drive online shoppers to the snow sports catalog.



The SmartEtailing snow sports catalog is a valuable additional service to clients who sell in both the cycling and snow sports verticals. Adding the SmartEtailing snow sports catalog to your site this winter season will drive search traffic to your website and get your snow sports hard goods in front of online shoppers. Ready to learn more? Get started today!

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