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E-Commerce Playbook: Holiday Edition

By Lauren Webb

Now is the time to get in front of your customers and win their holiday business. Our team will be reaching out to all SmartEtailing marketing clients to set up a call to discuss your plans for the holiday season.

If you aren’t a marketing client but you’d like assistance this holiday season, please contact us - we’re happy to help you make the most of the holiday shopping season!

Your guide to a successful holiday season

1. Optimize website settings for online shopping

Convert your website visitors into buyers. Our team will update your website settings to ensure your website is optimized for success.

2. Activate your online shopping cart 

Complete transactions wherever your customers are. Modern consumers want options when shopping and it is important to offer the convenience of purchasing products on your website. 

3. Merchandise your homepage

Highlight your featured products and gift recommendations to drive traffic to your product catalog and increase in-store and online sales.

4. Create a Gift Guide

Capture early-season shoppers by publishing a Gift Guide in early November. Help customers find what they want and suggest other seasonally-relevant items. Include a reminder about gift cards and a FAQ section to answer all of their questions upfront to give them confidence in shopping with you.

5. Sell Gift Cards Online

Make it easy for your customers to purchase gift cards online and promote them as last-minute gifts. They are the perfect option for any cyclist in their life.

6. Encourage Click + Collect

Inform your customers about the convenience you offer through click + collect. Help customers avoid expensive shipping fees with free in-store pickup and be sure to include a reminder about click + collect in all of your holiday marketing initiatives.

7. Promote your services

Remind your customers about all of the services you offer, such as financing, layaway, and bike storage to drive in-store traffic and set you apart from your competitors.

8. Advertise to drive traffic

Reach new customers and encourage repeat purchases by using paid advertising, email, and social media marketing. We can help you create targeted campaigns to reach customers at each phase of their shopping journey.

Need help?

We are here to support you and help your business grow. If you have questions or need help, please contact us for a free consultation.

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