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February 2019 Free Marketing Content

By Andrew Smith

SE_EMAIL_FebUpdate19_670x445We are now two months into the new year and almost into spring. As the snow melts and the days grow longer, get your customers excited with this new set of marketing materials. With Valentine's Day being the big holiday this month, the rest of our graphics are focused on getting ready for the start of spring. Trade-ins and tune-ups are featured along with groups rides and the ever versatile fat bike.

These marketing materials are designed to drive sales online and in-store. Don't see marketing materials for the product categories you want to promote? Reach out our support team, or your marketing account representative, and they would love to help you get what you need to increase sales online and in store.

SE_LIB_HH2000x667_FatBikes19-CannondaleFat Bikes

Keep your customer riding no matter the weather. Fat bikes will extend their riding season. The wide tires are great for snowy weather or sandy trails. The more they ride, the more you can be there to provide services and expertise.


The average consumer buys a new bike about every five years. Close the gap by promoting your used bike trade-in program. Like gift cards, trade-ins give your customers extra buying power, prompting them to spend more than the trade-in value.

SE_LIB_HH2000x667_Vday19Valentine's Day

Encourage your customers to give the gift of cycling this Valentine's Day. This gift guide highlight and landing page will help spread the love by showcasing products from lights to bikes.

SE_LIB_HH2000x667_TuneUpGearUp19Tune Up & Gear Up

The heavy riding season is around the corner. Get your customers in the door with this service and gear reminder combo. Offer P&A discounts with service or suggest staff picks for the new season, either way, this graphic can help.

SE_LIB_HH2000x667_GroupRides19Group Rides

Local bike shops thrive when they have a loyal community of cyclist. Invest in that community with group rides. Use post-ride hangouts or discounts as opportunities to get know your customers better. Use this marketing material to link to your event page or facebook events feed.


Install Tips

These and other marketing assets can be found in your Content Manager Library. Multiple sizes are now available for each highlight, as well as multiple brand options! Import the size that fits your rotator and link to your new page. We even have solutions for those using a responsive template.

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