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By Jon Jeffress


SmartEtailing is pleased to announce that we have renewed our integration with industry leader PowerReviews to provide local and syndicated product reviews on qualifying SmartEtailing websites.

With this integration, consumers who are shopping on qualifying SmartEtailing websites can sort catalog list view pages by customer reviews. Additionally, shoppers on product detail pages can read or add reviews for products.

SmartEtailing and PowerReviews make it easy

This integration provides powerful functionality to your local bike shop so you can experience all of the benefits of satisfying your customers’ desire for reviews without the expense of a standalone service, the hassle of configuring an integration, or the time commitment of managing the reviews.

We moderate all of the reviews to ensure that you get content that is highly relevant to your customers, while preserving authenticity. Our Support team even monitors for any local feedback that might be relevant to your business and contacts you to help you resolve any local issues.

Reviews help you attract and convert shoppers

Ratings and reviews have become a key part of the consumer path to purchase. 95% of all shoppers consult ratings and reviews while shopping. And 86% consider reviews an essential resource when making a purchase decision.

Reviews aren’t just beneficial to consumers as they browse for products and services. They’re also good for your business’ bottom line; driving traffic, sales, and valuable insights.

Research shows that more than a third of shoppers choose to start the purchase journey on a search engine, compared to 21% that start directly on a brand or retailer site.

Ratings and reviews help ensure your product pages are displaying in search engine results by improving relevance and freshness of content with keyword-rich, permanent assets on those product pages. Products experience an average 108% traffic lift when one or more reviews are added.

Businesses that add reviews can expect a boost in revenue. On average, PowerReviews customers see a 92% sales lift on a product once it generates at least one review.

When you give shoppers all of the information they’re looking for — including ratings and reviews — they’re more likely to convert. With PowerReviews, we’ve found that when a product with no reviews adds one or more reviews, the conversion rate for that product increases by 65%, on average.

PowerReviews supercharges your reviews

In addition to reviews generated on each SmartEtailing client’s local website, we also utilize PowerReviews Open Syndication Network, which publishes relevant and appropriate reviews across the entire SmartEtailing website network.

Beyond just the SmartEtailing network, reviews are also syndicated from certain brands that also partner with PowerReviews. Trek, Saris Cycling Group, Timbuk2, Wahoo Fitness, for example, are the current brands participating in syndication, with several other brands currently discussing possible integration.

On average, retailers receive 58% of their review content from syndication. This increased review coverage and overall volume leads to higher impressions and conversion rates on your product pages.

SmartEtailing is your best choice

For independent bicycle retailers, there is simply no better partner for website and digital marketing than SmartEtailing. Our powerful software solution, expansive product catalog, and industry-leading integrations empower bike shop owners to have highly effective websites with a simple subscription solution.

To learn more about SmartEtailing and request a demo please contact us today.

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