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Click + Collect Video

By Ashley Rosonke

Growing your business can be challenging in today's fast moving market. Staying in front of your customers and allowing them to browse your inventory is important. The modern shopping experience has evolved to a convenience driven model that reduces friction for the shopper.

This video shows how any local bike shop can implement Click + Collect into their business strategy. SmartEtailing has all the technology and infastructure to assist you in making shopping with you seamless. Watch our video with your staff and contact us to get started today!


Video Transcript

The modern consumer is shopping everywhere; at the coffee shop, waiting in line, at home, and everywhere in between.SmartEtailing provides your business with the technology to show your inventory online, and makes it easy for local cyclists to shop with you.

Our new Click and Collect functionality allows shoppers to purchase from your website, for convenient in store pick up. When an order is placed, your staff will be notified by email, and can review all details from your SmartEtailing site manager; you choose how to fulfill the order, and prepare the item for pickup.

Click and Collect is a seamless process for your local customers, and creates a growth opportunity for your store.

Your website becomes a 24/7 sales tool, that makes shopping with your business easy. You gain the advantage of online selling, with the reassurance of a face to face transaction. Major brick and mortar retailers, like Target, Walmart, and Home Depot, are seeing double digit growth in online sales; your bike shop can benefit and grow with this trend as well.

Many local shoppers want to browse and buy online rather than visit the bike shop for every purchase.

Click and Collect makes it easy for local cyclists to shop with you online, then quickly visit your store to pick up their purchase, and get on with their day. Believe it or not, this type of shopping can increase customer loyalty because you make it easy to shop with you.

Give your customers the convenience they’re looking for by adding Click and Collect to your website. Set up is easy; contact us to get started today.

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