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The Buy Local Now Network

By Ashley Rosonke

SE_BlogPost_WhyJoinBLN20_670x470-1Buy Local Now is a free service provided by SmartEtailing that helps consumers find cycling products at your bike shop. You can find the Buy Local Now button on consumers websites for brands like Kryptonite and Park Tool, and you can test the service yourself at

Consumer referrals continue to grow, with over 200,000 qualified buyers sent to bike shop websites in 2019 alone. We have big plans to grow this service and we want you to join today.

Are you missing out on free consumer referrals?

Last October we released, a new product discovery platform for consumers seeking name brand cycling products near them. 

This new consumer-facing website allows cyclists to search for products across all categories and brands in one place. This SmartEtailing powered website assembles data from all bike shops and suppliers that report their inventory to us. 

Bike shops do NOT need to have a SmartEtailing website to participate - you just need a compatible point of sale system.

How it works

First, you sign up for a free Buy Local Now™ subscription and connect your point of sale system to SmartEtailing’s secure data network. Once connected, your in-stock inventory and products available from your connected suppliers will display as an option for consumers shopping on or participating supplier websites.

This powerful platform does not complete transactions, instead, it points ready-to-buy consumers to your website. This service is designed to help you sell more.

When the consumer finds the product they want they hit the “Buy Local Now” button, a map of local retailers appears and they are able to select the bike shop of their choice. Once they arrive on the bike shop website they are able to complete their purchase or order process. So why should your bike shop participate?

5 reasons why your bike shop should join

1. More qualified website visitors

When a consumer finds a product through Buy Local Now™ they are ready to make a purchase. When we send this traffic to your website you can convert sales in-store and online. By joining the FREE Buy Local Now™ network you benefit from more website traffic from ready-to-buy consumers.

2. We advertise for you

Buy Local Now™ is a way for SmartEtailing to help bike shops grow. We allocate 1% of bike shop website subscriptions to advertise bike shops to consumers on Google and YouTube. By joining in the Buy Local Now™  network, you are contributing to the effort to help bike shops thrive.

3. Suppliers help consumers buy from you

Suppliers can integrate the Buy Local Now™ product locator technology on their brand’s website to help consumers find and buy products from your bike shop. Buy Local Now™ is much more than a dealer locator, it is a product locator. When a consumer finds what they want to buy on a brand website they are directed to you - the local stocking dealer to make the purchase. This creates a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

4. Future proof your business

As more and more brands invest in a direct to consumer sales and marketing strategy it is more important than ever that bike shops integrate with suppliers. Buy Local Now™ works with suppliers like Giant Bicycles to integrate local bike shop inventory into the native ecommerce shopping experience. If brands are going to sell direct, why not have them sell out of your inventory. Integrate now and opt-in to show your inventory on participating brand websites.

5. Did we already say it's FREE?

Any local bike shop with a compatible point of sale system can sign up for a FREE Buy Local Now™ subscription. Retailers with a SmartEtailing website offer consumers a superior shopping experience. SmartEtailing websites are optimized to take advantage of the deep integration between Buy Local Now™ and SmartEtailing websites.

Take the first, easy, and free step to bringing more traffic to your website. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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