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Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson has worked in the bicycle industry since 1994, traveling the path from bicycle assembler to brand manager, before becoming a business leader in the field of marketing for independent bicycle retailers. He is President and Co-Owner of SmartEtailing, working to nurture the health and growth of the IBD channel through effective marketing and software solutions.

Recent posts

New Loyalty + Performance Packages

SmartEtailing's new Retail Toolkit software is designed to help independent local bik...

Websites Client Updates Marketing Ecommerce Retail Toolkit By on Jan 11, 2022

NEW TaxJar Integration Now Available

SmartEtailing websites are now easier to configure, collect sales tax precisely, and ...

Websites Client Updates Ecommerce By on Nov 09, 2021

New Supplier Fulfillment Integration with HLC

HLC has connected their popular Doorstep Delivery program with SmartEtailing's Suppli...

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Unlock Your Online Cash Register

Bike shops count on SmartEtailing as a trusted website provider. Our unmatched cyclin...

Websites Client Updates Ecommerce By on Jul 20, 2021

S-Fulfillment Now Available

Specialized Bicycles has released an exciting new integration with the SmartEtailing ...

Websites Client Updates Marketing Ecommerce By on Jun 27, 2021

SmartEtailing merging with Retail Toolkit

As a part of our ongoing commitment to helping you grow profitably we are merging wit...

Websites Client Updates Marketing By on Apr 16, 2021

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