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April 2019 Free Marketing Content

By Andrew Smith

SE_EMAIL_AprilUpdate19_670x445For most markets, the cycling season has kicked into high gear. For those out cruising in the beautiful April weather, we have promotions for spring apparel, as well as an Earth Day centered gear refresh. Build community with group rides this spring/summer to cultivate a loyal customer base.

These marketing materials are designed to drive sales online and in-store. Don't see marketing materials for the product categories you want to promote? Reach out to our support team, or your marketing account representative, and they would love to help you get what you need to increase sales online and in store.

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Screenshot 2019-03-29 18.08.35Electric Bikes

Electric bikes continue to be a growth market. As the technology and variety improve you can expect even more questions from customers. This promotional landing page answers the two big questions around speed and battery life.

Can be found in the Page Library under Shop Products > Bicycles > Electric Bikes - Why Ride?

Screenshot 2019-03-29 18.04.20Earth Day

One of the big benefits of cycling is the positive effects it has on the environment. This marketing piece highlights this aspect and encourages your customers to refresh their accessories so they can ride even more. Offering discounts or product bundles would help drive home the benefits of shopping local.

Can be found in the Page Library under Seasonal Content > Earth Day

Screenshot 2019-03-29 18.06.18Spring Apparel

As spring winds down, clear some space for new summer apparel arriving soon. This would also be a good time to upsell consumable products like tubes and chain lube. Or suggest end of season maintenance.

Can be found in the Page Library under Shop Products > Apparel > Spring Apparel - Available Now

Screenshot 2019-03-29 17.18.19Group Rides

Shopping trends point to the fact that consumers buy into an experience before they buy a product or service. Use group rides as an offline way to build a community. Offer post-ride discounts or rewards for completing multiple rides. However you go about it, building a tribe around your shop will be key.

Can be found in the Page Library under Community > Group Rides - Roll With the Pack



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