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Put Your Website in Our Hands So You Can Focus on Business

By Ryan Atkinson

Is Your Website Poised for Summer Success,
Or Does It Need a Makeover?

Consumers today expect high-quality products and experiences across all purchasing channels. Nearly 80% of buyers research products online before ordering or making an in-store purchase, and 71% expect to view in-store inventory online. This means an optimized website is more important than ever.

You need to deliver a great experience on all channels—web, mobile and tablet. Yet a recent survey of retail business managers indicates that nearly 60% don’t feel their website meets consumer shopping preferences.
 If designing, updating or optimizing your website has been on your list for awhile, but you just don't have time to do the work, we can help!

SmartEtailing’s Web Services team can help you get in step with these changing times, quickly and easily. Let us do the heavy-lifting involved in optimizing your site while you focus on what you do best—providing a quality in-store shopping experience. While you're busy managing staff, scheduling service, offering expertise and advice to customers, doing bike fits—you know, everything involved in running a shop—we can get your website live or optimized, behind the scenes.

mobile consumer infographic

Web Services can handle all your website needs, including:

  • optimizing your site for web, mobile and tablet
  • implementing and integrating product catalogs
  • graphic design and content management
  • search engine optimization
  • social media integration and more

We can even completely redesign your entire site; it’s like hiring a part-time web expert without the hassle or expense of recruiting, training or payroll taxes.


1 Hour Web Services
per month

2 Hour Web Services
per month

3 Hour Web Services
per month

$75 value

$140 value

$195 value


Sign up for one of the three Web Services packages by May 30th, and we’ll throw in an additional 3 hours of labor—at no additional cost—to get your website up and running*.


"We're so busy already this spring, that I don't have time to overhaul my website—even though it's been on my to-do list for months. SmartEtailing is able to make needed changes in our design, content, and SEO faster than me or my staff would be able to—freeing us up to focus on customer relations in-store. It's been well worth the cost.” —Michael Horwitz, Alpha Bikes

*To be applied in the first month of service contract. Does not include CSS/JS work.

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