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Direct Fulfillment Removes Shopping Barriers

By Ryan Atkinson

Bike Shop_Product_CatalogQBP and Trek dealers in the U.S. and Canadian dealers with LTP Sports have access to Supplier Fulfillment. It’s fair to ask how this program helps IBDs given the nature of most drop ship and remote fulfillment systems. Supplier Fulfillment is different in that participating suppliers do so behind the scenes. The consumer is buying a product from the local bike shop’s website, so the relationship is solely with that bike shop.

Supplier Sync allows a local retailer to display a broader range of products on their website than they would normally stock in their store. Supplier Fulfillment allows sales of those products without having to order them into the store only to immediately put them in a box and ship them back out to their customer. This broader, often more complete representation of the universe of products -- merchandised professionally on their own website and available any way the consumer chooses -- is what brings customers into local stores even when so many other options exist.

A bicycle retailer’s competition isn’t just another bike shop and it isn’t just online sellers of bicycle products. Local bike shops are competing with every other retail experience would-be consumers encounter everyday. Supply chain integration tools like Supplier Sync and Fulfillment convert online shoppers into local store customers and protect IBDs by enabling them to offer a shopping experience on par with any retailer, in any channel, at any time.

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