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More than just a bicycle

By Ryan Atkinson

by Mark Still


Bicycles are more than metal and rubber or chains and gears. They are some of our earliest glimpses of freedom. They enable many of us to support our families. In some remote areas of the world, bicycles are the difference between thriving and merely surviving. In other words, bicycles are what they empower us to do.

The internet is like a bicycle in that way. What the internet is becomes less important than what it empowers us to do. Websites for bike shops aren’t just websites. They are the key to telling the story of your brand in an age when you rarely get to tell that story in person. Email marketing, newsletters, and social media enable you to introduce your story to all those people staring at tablets and smartphones so they see your website, experience your brand, and shop with your store.

The internet and the assorted technologies that inhabit it have matured quickly. If you aren’t looking past what the internet is to what it can do for your business, you could be missing something nearly as transformative as the bicycle itself.

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