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Rides and Events Pages - today's gathering place

By Ryan Atkinson

by Brian Rawlings and Mark Still

As websites have become the center of our marketing world and focal point of our efforts in email, social and traditional marketing, Rides and Events Pages remain a gathering place for customers to learn the goings on in your community. Robust R&E pages are also great connection points for Facebook and Twitter posts. It’s important to get the most out of your engagement efforts so think about leveraging every post. For instance, don’t just Tweet the Thursday evening group ride, include a link in the Tweet to that event on your R&E page. The link from Twitter is valuable itself and when it is RT’d, it ups the chance your main business messages are also seen and heard by bringing in site visitors who will see your other events, site navigation, banner and footer even if they only view the R&E page. That’s a lot of mileage out of 140 characters!

If you aren’t actively maintaining and updating your Rides and Event page or if *gasp* you don’t currently have one on your site, get with it immediately. Our analytics show R&E pages to consistently be in the top 10 most viewed pages on our client’s sites.

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