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The New SmartEtailing is Gaining Momentum

By Ryan Atkinson

SmartEtailing_0716.jpgIt’s hard to believe that it has been three months since we announced the merger of SmartEtailing and Harvest Retail Marketing. It has been exciting getting to know the people that make up SmartEtailing and learn so much more about the amazing complexity of our software.

A Powerful Marketing Platform

Our plans are taking shape for leveraging the expertise of the two companies and creating a marketing platform that can provide a comprehensive solution for independent bicycle retailers. I expect that by Interbike we will be prepared to share details of our marketing services for the 2017 selling season. Expect the future SmartEtailing to offer email marketing, search marketing and digital display marketing services. Our goal will be to help you drive consumer traffic to your SmartEtailing website.

System Enhancements

On the technology front, our development team has been hard at work ensuring that our infrastructure is prepared for more site traffic and commerce. At the same time we are finishing phase one of our responsive template environment project. We are doing initial testing and I’m excited to share that the results are exceeding my expectations. We also have shopping cart, multi-store functionality and order management enhancements in the works. SmartEtailing websites are going to take a major leap forward in 2017.

Merging Two Teams

The teams are getting to know each other and have already began finding opportunities to collaborate. We are finalizing a new Boulder office build out and will be moving into the new space by mid August. The Omaha office will shut down this fall and Harvest employees will relocate to Boulder. When the teams are working side-by-side I expect we will realize our full collaborative opportunity.

Leadership Team

The new SmartEtailing leadership team is taking shape and we are starting to establish our working process and articulating our goals more clearly. A merger is complex, and these last two months have involved a lot of information gathering. We are now at phase where we are starting to get positive momentum towards realizing our new makeup.


As we move forward there will be a lot of small wins. But it will take time before we start to see the type of meaningful results that represent true success. That’s why we have to think in terms of momentum now, we need to know we are working in the right direction.

We are doing our absolute best to evolve as a combined company so you have complete confidence in us as your technology and marketing partner. I’ll continue to share updates as they come available.

Thanks for your business and continued support. We hope you are having a great summer selling season.

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