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October News & Notes

By Ryan Atkinson


Read up on updates from all the teams and departments at SmartEtailing. We have a lot of new marketing content in the library and brands is the library. We also have updates on the responsive template environment! 

Marketing Updates

Free Brand and Product Marketing Asset Additions 

Our marketing team is working directly with major brands to bring you relevant, rich content to help make your website stand out. New homepage highlights and landing pages are always in the works. Recently, we've added the following new content to the marketing Library:

Need Help Adding Assets to Your Site?
You can access all of our free brand and product marketing assets using the steps below:
  • Landing pages can be found in the Content Manager. Import the page to your Library and activate it. Page Editor > Page Library 
  • Homepage highlights can be found in the Content Manager. Import the highlight to your Library and activate it. Be sure to link the homepage highlight to a landing page.  
    Home Page Highlights > Highlight Library

Need help installing new content? Please reach out to our support team for assistance. 

New Marketing Library Content

All of our October marketing topics are now live in the library. Be sure to update your site with content about Fat Bikes or Halloween

Learn more about October additions to the SmartEtailing Library.

Content Updates

Brands with Recent Additions to the Catalog

Our team of content experts are constantly adding new catalog items to the SmartEtailing Library. Stay current with newly available and upcoming brands on the home page Update Center in the back end of your SmartEtailing website.

In the last 30 days, we have entered new 2018 content from the following brands and more:

  • Specialized
  • BMC
  • Trek
  • Garmin
  • Salsa
  • DT Swiss
  • SeaSucker
  • 45NRTH
  • Bkool
  • Five Ten
  • Brooklyn Bicycle Co.
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Fuji
  • Park Tool
  • Giant (Canada)
  • Liv (Canada)
  • Pinarello
  • Miele
  • Skratch Labs


Product & Development Updates

Responsive Platform, Bugs, SSL & More!

Both the product and development departments have no trouble staying busy. They began a phased rollout of our responsive page builder tools to self serve clients on September 25th. This is a major milestone for SmartEtailing to release the tools for clients to use. Another big part of developing any software is finding and fixing bugs. We continually manage these and release fixes in 2 week cycles. 

Another major initiative of these teams is full site SSL for all SmartEtailing websites. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. Stay tuned for more info on this process. The transition will require a simple action from each SmartEtailing client to okay an email for an SSL certification. 

Lastly the product and development teams are in an ongoing process of fully implementing best practices from the proven Agile software development framework. This includes process changes and additional training. Our team continues to grow and develop. Expect to see even more exciting innovations coming from SmartEtailing moving forward.

Client Services Updates

Interbike, Self-Serve Migrations & New Team Member

  • Thank you to all retailers who came to visit us at Interbike. It's always great seeing folks face-to-face and giving them a first look at the new responsive templates.
  • As mentioned above we are starting a phased rollout of the new responsive page builder tools. The client services team is here to support retailers as they begin this project.
  • New Client Services rep started last week. There will be a new voice soon with the addition of Selina Nordstrom!


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