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Introducing: Merchant Admin Enhancement for SmartEtailing

By Ryan Atkinson

Your SmartEtailing Merchant Admin Will be Updated Tomorrow!

This week, you will notice something different when you login to SmartEtailing's Merchant Admin. To pave the way for a host of significant enhancements coming this spring, we have updated the design for the Merchant Admin of your SmartEtailing website. The Merchant Admin is the back-end that you use to manage your website.

For 2017, we have a several key updates planned for the SmartEtailing platform. These updates will improve functionality and make it easier for you to update and manage your website. The update to the Merchant Admin creates a framework for us to further enhance the tools that make it easy for a small business owner like you to manage your website, integrations, and orders.

What To Expect When You Login

  • Our Merchant Admin will look different.
  • Most functionality, including admin settings, account management, and content management functionality remains unchanged.
  • Account settings and our support contact is now in the lower lefthand corner.
  • Notifications (such as "reset cache") are now indicated in the upper left.


Updated Look and Feel

Our team did extensive competitive analysis of modern content management systems and business SaaS platforms to inform our decisions around refreshing the SmartEtailing design. The new design is easier to use and more intuitive. This is a first step in the overall refresh of the SmartEtailing website and marketing software platform. You can expect us to be committed to continually enhancing and improving SmartEtailing moving forward.


Simplified Update Center

The Update Center is the first thing you see when you log into SmartEtailing. This redesigned page makes it easier to review news, content, and product updates. The Latest Headlines section now includes a consolidated feed of system updates and the SmartEtailing blog so that updates are more visible. This redesign is a stepping stone for future plans to add more dashboard widgets to the Update Center so that you are presented with key metrics as soon as you login to SmartEtailing.


Collapsible Menu

The new collapsible menu allows us to maximize the functionality of on-screen content in the Merchant Admin. You now have the option to expand or collapse the navigation menu so that it works best for the screen resolution you are working on.


Improved Notifications

All site notifications have been consolidated into an easy-to-see notification center in the upper left of the Merchant Admin. You will now see a notifications count which can be clicked to reveal all relevant notifications.

Responsive Functionality

We made several infrastructure enhancements to how the function screens in the SmartEtailing merchant admin are constructed in order to improve page load speed and support responsive functionality. 

Framework For More Enhancements

As you may have read, we’ll be releasing responsive templates this spring. These changes support the rollout of responsive templates by giving you better visuals, new features, and workflows that will save you time.

Support Is Here To Help

Also, don’t forget, our industry-leading support team hasn’t changed one bit. Give them a shout at (303) 527-0676 or email if you have any questions.

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