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March Library Content Is Now Available

By Ashley Rosonke


Spring is here and so is a new cycling season. As the roads thaw, your customers will be getting ready to ride. This is the perfect time to grab the attention of new and experienced cyclists by showcasing 2018 bike models. Feature tune-ups to get customers in the door before they hit the road.

As customers come to your store for various product deals and tune-ups, don't forget to let them know about other services you offer, like bike fit or overhauls. Group rides are also a great way to get cyclists interacting with your staff.


Daylight Saving Time

The biannual clock change is upon us again. Use this change in available riding hours to showcase lights and high visual riding gear. This graphic is available with Trek, Specialized, and Giant photography.


End of Season Clearance

This is a great transition month to clear winter inventory and get ready to showcase spring apparel. Having customers come in for an in-stock clearance gives you the opportunity to clear out other winter gear.


New Bikes Arriving

Use the beginning of the spring riding season to showcase new 2018 model year bicycles. Grab the attention of cyclist of every level the possibility of exploration and new adventures.


Spring Tune-Ups

As cyclists are dusting off their bikes, use this marketing material to let them know about your service department. Tune-up can often lead to sales of part and accessories. Especially as the season begins.

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