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Be The Expert On Local Rides

By Ryan Atkinson


Be the local expert. Helping riders in your area enjoy the experience of riding is a cornerstone of a successful modern independent bicycle retailer’s business plan. When you help cyclists in your area find places to ride, you become a trusted resource in your community.

Win Local Search for the Best Rides in Your Area


How do you do that? You want to capture search traffic in your area for queries like “best road bike rides in Chicago” or “top gravel bike routes in Southern California.” Creating relevant content on your SmartEtailing website can help you capture that search traffic, create trust with new customers, and draw them into your business.

We’ve recently completed a project to create a landing page that makes it easy for any SmartEtailing client to embed content from the ride-sharing platform, blackriver. This pre-designed content will help you encourage customer engagement, build community, and earn new customers with an easy-to-update “Local Rides” or “Favorite Rides” page that leverages your expertise, shop character, and local insights.

Based on recommendations from our clients, we partnered with blackriver to design a landing page (link) and homepage highlight (link) that will help you deliver valuable local content to your customers.

How To Install Content From blackriver

We want to make this easy to implement, so you can start driving traffic to your website and connect with cyclists in your area. Sharing your blackriver profile and routes on your website will improve your local search engine optimization (SEO) and help you work your way to page one on Google when someone in your area searches for a great place to ride.

blackriver Landing Page

Find the page in the Content Manager. Import the page to your library and activate it.
Be sure to edit the ride sections to add the embed code for your rides from blackriver.
Page Editor > Page Library > New! > blackriver local routes

blackriver Homepage Highlight

Homepage Highlights > Highlight Library > New! > blackriver local routes

Have Questions?

If you subscribe to one of our marketing packages then reach out to your Account Coordinator or Account Manager and they’d be happy to help. Not a marketing client? Our support team can answer questions to help you manage the SmartEtailing portion of the installation yourself. The support team at blackriver is happy to offer hands-on consulting about using their application and integrating rides into your website.

Creating a blackriver Account - Limited Time Savings

If you do not already use blackriver, you will need to create an account. SmartEtailing retailers will receive a free 6 month trial on blackriver for business. Use code “SMARTETAILING” when you register for a monthly account. Offer expires 12/31/17.

Do You Have Suggestions?

If you have other ride and route sharing software that you work with at your business and you want our marketing team to reach out to help you leverage the content on your website then please send your request to with the subject line, “Ride sharing suggestion.” Our marketing team will do our best to support the tools you choose for your business.

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