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Jamis Bicycle Is Now On Supplier Sync

By Matt Lolli
SE_BlogPost_Jamis-SupplierSyncUpdate_670x445-1SmartEtailing is proud to be partnered with Jamis Bicycles on a new Supplier Sync integration. This integration allows authorized Jamis retailers with a SmartEtailing website to show accurate availability for bikes in the Jamis Bicycles warehouse.

Show Jamis Warehouse Inventory

You may only stock some of the items available from Jamis Bicycles. But with Supplier Sync enabled, a consumer who visits your website can easily check the availability of models from the brand with a real-time feed connected directly to the Jamis warehouses.

This means that consumers have access to more information on your local website, making shopping with you even easier. An informed consumer is more likely to buy from you.

3 Steps for SmartEtailing Retailers to Participate:

  1. Enable Jamis Supplier Sync
  2. Configure Consumer Messages
  3. Configure Promotional Pricing

1. How To Enable Jamis Supplier Sync

  1. Log in to the backend for your SmartEtailing website.
  2. Navigate to “Supplier / Brand Manager” from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  3. Select “Supplier Sync” from the drop down menu that opens.
  4. Scroll down the page that opens and find “Jamis Bicycles”.
  5. Select the warehouse or warehouses for which you want to display product. If you regularly order from both warehouses, select both.
  6. Click “Brands” under “Exclusion Settings” and uncheck the boxes for the brand(s) that you DO WANT to display.
  7. Adjust other exclusion settings to your preferences.

2. How To Configure Consumer Messages

  1. Scroll down the “Supplier Sync” page to the “Ship From Labels” section.
  2. Find the Jamis Bicycles warehouses you selected in the “Ship From Labels”, note: the Florida and New Jersey warehouses display separately.
  3. Type the text that you want consumers to see for items available in each warehouse during the checkout process (example: “Warehouse 2”).

3. How to Configure Promotional Pricing

  1. Scroll down the “Supplier Sync” page to the “Suppliers Promotions” section.
  2. Check the “Jamis Bicycles” checkbox if you’d like to display promotional pricing for product in Jamis’ warehouses on your website.

Save Your Work

Don’t forget to save your preferences by clicking the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page. Changes made may not be immediately reflected on your site, as our servers report data overnight prior to new items populating your site.

Need Assistance?

If this is your first time utilizing the SmartEtailing Supplier Sync features, or if you want help with any of these steps, then please feel free to contact SmartEtailing Support for any additional questions or assistance.

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