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Fresh February Library Content Is Available Now!

By Ryan Atkinson


We've had a very exciting start to 2017, and we're pleased to be working with you as we continue to implement your 2017 marketing packages and to provide you with exceptional support and marketing assets to help you be successful this year.

Refresh your website content this month with our new homepage highlights and corresponding landing pages, now available in the content library. February is a great time to promote your in-store maintenance classes and to offer discounts to clear out your remaining winter inventory. Click the images below to preview the accompanying landing page.

Find new pages in the Content Manager: Page Library > New > February 2017 Topics. Import the page to your library and activate the page.

Find new highlights in the Content Manager: Home Page Highlights > Highlights Library > New > February 2017 Topics. Three sizes are now available for each highlight! Import the size that fits your rotator and link to your new page.

Topics: Client Updates


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