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December Library Content Is Now Available

By Andrew Smith

SE_EMAIL_DecUpdate18_670x445The holidays are here and your customers are ready to shop. Take advantage of the busiest shopping season of the year with these great marketing materials. As the holidays rapidly approach, capture the attention of the last minute shopper by promoting gift cards and stocking stuffers. This is also a great time to promote fit services.
Finish the year on a high note by capturing holiday sales, both in-store and online. Our highlights and landing pages make it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for this season. And be sure to say thanks to your loyal customers for a great year!

These marketing materials are designed to drive sales online and in-store. Don't see marketing materials for the product categories you want to promote? Reach out our support team, or your marketing account representative, and they would love to help you get what you need to increase sales online and in store.

SE_LIB_HH1170x390_GiftCards18Gift Cards

Gift cards are a holiday staple. They offer unsure customers a safe way to gift. They often lead to additional purchases when redeemed. They are also a great way to get new customers in the door.

SE_LIB_HH1170x390_StockingStuffers-Lights18Stocking Stuffers

Last minute shoppers are often looking for something simple and small to buy. Lights fit the bill. Showcase lights to grab the last minute purchase while using the opportunity to upsell other accessories.

SE_LIB_HH1170x390_KidsBikes18Kids' Bikes

Bicycles are a classic Christmas gift. Grabbing these yearly purchases allows you to sell add-ons like helmets and other gear. Pave the way for future sales by mentioning if you have a trade-in program.

SE_LIB_HH1170x390_BikeFitting18Bike Fit

Winter is a great season to promote fit. Fit services make great gifts and get customers in the door to buy apparel and gear after their session.

SE_LIB_HH1170x390_DidntGetWhatYouWantedPost-Holiday Promotion

No one gets everything on their wish lists. Grab post-holiday sales by showcasing top selling apparel and accessories. This is also gets gift card receivers in the door.


Install Tips

These and other marketing assets can be found in your Content Manager Library. Multiple sizes are now available for each highlight, as well as multiple brand options! Import the size that fits your rotator and link to your new page. We even have solutions for those using a responsive template.

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