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ASI Supplier Sync Now Available

By David Wert

ASI_logo.jpgAdvanced Sports International (ASI) is the most recent bike brand partner to participate in the SmartEtailing Supplier Sync service.

Supplier Sync is a feature included with every SmartEtailing website package that blends the supplier's inventory with yours into a single product catalog, ensuring that more of a supplier's in-stock products are visible to consumers visiting your local website.

You may only stock a fraction of the bikes available from ASI brands Fuji, SE, Kestrel, Breezer, or Phat Cycles. But with Supplier Sync enabled, a consumer who visits your website can easily check the availability of models from the brand with a real-time feed connected directly to the ASI warehouse.

Consumers are able to come into your store more informed and ready to buy. Or if they choose, they are able to order the bikes online and pickup in store.

If you are an authorized retailer for any of the ASI family of brands we highly recommend that you capitalize on this opportunity to leverage real-time inventory availability.

ASI Supplier Sync was enabled on July 1, 2016. You can activate this service easily by following the instructions found in our User Guide for SmartEtailing Supplier Sync.

If you are prefer, you can contact our Technical Support Team and we can activate this service on your behalf.

ASI’s choice to utilize SmartEtailing’s Supplier Sync service is a part of their overall strategy to facilitate easier online shopping for consumers through the independent bicycle retailer network.

In addition to SmartEtailing, ASI has hired OrisIntel to monitor their MAP policy. ASI believes that by monitoring and consistently enforcing a MAP Policy retailers will be able to maintain a consistent margin with their products.

Learn more about how to activate Supplier Sync:

Free technical support for SmartEtailing websites is available M-F 8:00 am to 5:00 pm MST at or (303) 527-0676.

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