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2016 Holiday Direct Mail

By Ryan Atkinson

HRM_MM1216_Preview_PlasticCards.jpgAt SmartEtailing, our mission is to help independent retailers thrive. We have unmatched expertise in bicycle retail marketing. We are pros at helping bicycle retailers motivate customers ‭to shop locally. We use high quality direct mail with valuable coupons to attract customers and ‭help you grow your sales.

Direct mail drives customer traffic by putting a tangible marketing piece into the hands of potential buyers. The nation's best retailers use SmartEtailing direct mail, and as you see in your own mailbox, most large non-bike retailers use direct mail too. Let us help you market your business. We are confident that we can create an effective direct mail campaign that will drive traffic and help you grow your business.




Types of Campaigns

During the holiday season, retailers commonly choose one of two strategies for direct mail; have a sale or send a gift to their best customers. Regardless of which solution is right for you, the important thing is that you need to put your brand in front of holiday shoppers.

Your customers are spending money on gifts and on themselves this holiday season. You need to compete to capture a portion of that spending.

If you have a well thought out and well executed marketing plan then you are giving your business every opportunity to succeed. Whereas dealers who are simply sitting back and trusting that customers are going to come in on their own are leaving their December purely to chance.

Plastic Mailers

This holiday season we have streamlined our product offering in response to ROI results from last season that clearly showed that detachable gift card style mailers generate the best results in December. We are offering our this plastic postcard mailers that deliver a premium feel to your customers and exceptional results for your business.

Factory Promotions

As of the writing of this post, we have received artwork from Trek and have mailers to match their promotional theme. We are in contact with other bike brands and will be prepared to match any national campaign. We have several mailer themes available and can insert bike imagery from any brand in order to make it appropriate for your store.

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