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New Service Makes it Easy for Brands to Update MAP Policies—and Easy for Retailers to Follow!

By Ryan Atkinson

For years brands have struggled to make sure MAP pricing and policy changes are received and implemented by their retail partners. SmartEtailing’s new MAP Protection Service takes the guesswork out of publishing updates, finally making it easy to ensure MAP compliance.

Brands directly publish policy and price changes to the SmartEtailing platform where retailers can easily reference the most current version. Published price updates are automatic for hosted SmartEtailing catalog subscribers. Non-subscriber retailers may also register for a free account. The key benefit is ease of access, as a single login provides access to many popular brands' MAP information in one resource.

Whether a retailer is a SmartEtailing hosted client or an IBD with a free registration, our MAP Protection Service eliminates the need for retailers to visit multiple sites, with multiple log-ins, or keep track of multiple emails, making it easier than ever for retailers to comply with MAP updates.

“Over the years, we’ve had over 300 brands request assistance with MAP publishing,” said SmartEtailing brand liaison Jeff Stutsman. “We’re excited to be able to offer this free service to benefit our brand partners.”

MAp protection diagram

Already, dozens of major brands have signed up for the service to streamline communication of MAP prices and policies to retailers.

Bicycle Retailer and Industry News editor Lynette Carpiet agrees the new MAP Protection Service would be a welcome convenience for suppliers and retailers:

“Bicycle Retailer is getting so many releases about new or updated MAP policies that the editors at BRAIN have become overwhelmed by the demands to keep up with changes—much like retailers!”

BRG Sports, signed up early for the service and encouraged its retailers to do the same.

"This is fantastic! Our three brands, Giro, Bell and Blackburn, are fully committed to this. It’s an excellent idea and a big help to the brands because even though we provide many opportunities for dealers to access the policies and the pricing grids and we send them out multiple times a year, there are still many who cannot find them or claim they never got them."

— Bernie Doering, Senior VP-Global Sales, BRG Sports

Every brand can benefit from this service, as it lessens the burden of communication with potentially thousands of retailers, streamlining the process for everyone in the channel.

As a manufacturer, I’m always interested in ways to simplify communications via distribution and sales channels. The moment I heard about SmartEtailing’s MAP Protection Service, I knew I wanted to get Strider listed immediately.”
— Ryan McFarland, founder, Strider Sports International

Join the many popular brands who are already publishing via SmartEtailing’s free MAP Protection Service so you and your retailers can start enjoying hassle-free MAP updates now!

For more information or to register your brand for MAP Protection Service, please contact SmartEtailing.

Are you a retailer interested in MAP Protection Service? Register for free now! Email or call 303-776-2018.

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