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New From SmartEtailing: MAP Protection Service

By Ryan Atkinson

map protection

SmartEtailing strongly supports the adoption and use of Unilateral/ Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policies by specialty brands. Our new MAP Protection Service helps brands and retailers work together more efficiently to reduce operational costs and accidental pricing policy violations, and protect the brand value of both parties.

ADVANTAGES FOR BRANDS/ SUPPLIERS include single update to reach all registered retailers and distributors; automatic alerts to registrants when updates are posted; and automatic compliance feature for stores using SmartEtailing’s hosted or syndicated website catalog service.

ADVANTAGES FOR FREE RETAILER REGISTRATION include a single source to check for latest policies and prices 24/7; alerts when updates are posted; avoidance of restrictions due to accidental non-compliance; and easy access control of store location listing(s) in Buy Local Now directory.

For added convenience, the free retailer registration for accessing published MAP policies and prices is the same registration as SmartEtailing’s Buy Local Now program. Retailers who register for either service automatically gain access to the other. Retailers with existing Buy Local Now registered accounts will see the new MAP Protection upon their next login.

MAP Policy and Price Publishing

• Brand provides SmartEtailing MAP policy and price updates as often as needed
• SmartEtailing publishes MAP policies and retail prices for ANY retailer to look up
• Retailers using SmartEtailing product content (hosted or syndicated) receive automatic price updates
• Brands can flag SKUs as “MAP Exempt” as desired (e.g. end of season closeouts)

MAP Compliance Automation

• Automatically keeps retailer’s website prices consistent with latest MAP policies (for SmartEtailing hosted catalogs)
• Prices in syndicated catalog feeds also update automatically

MAP Enforcement Assistance

• SmartEtailing enforces brand/supplier policies with clients by acting immediately to resolve violations when brand/supplier reports violation


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