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Turn a Google Search Into a Walk-In Sale Directly From Your Website

By Ryan Atkinson

canvasIs your business meeting consumers’ expectations?

The vast majority of consumers search the internet before buying to educate themselves and make an informed purchase.

Shopping behaviors have changed, and new competition has emerged in the form of large scale e-commerce channels—like Amazon and eBay—making it tougher than ever for IBDs to make a sale.

Consumer expectations have raised the bar.
Can your business deliver?

Independent bike dealers must remember their role as value-added resellers for the brands they carry. Both brands and consumers expect a high level of product knowledge, accessibility, and value. Consumers today expect to see, browse and buy directly at the online catalog of the store where they prefer to make a purchase. Having an online catalog that’s accurate to your real-time inventory and shows a complete selection of what you have available is critical to how you earn sales.

Even if your business website has great original content, fantastic photos and social media savvy, without a catalog you are missing sales—both from new and returning customers. Potential new customers who find their way to you through a Google search and loyal returning customers want an easy way to buy what they want when they want it.

Simply put, if you don't have a catalog integrated in your website, you are losing sales and, worse, sending customers to your competition for the same products you have sitting in your inventory.

Meet these challenges head on.

SmartEtailing has solutions that unite the specialty channel as a whole—bringing together brands, distributors and retailers. We prepare the entire channel to deliver greater consumer value than Amazon or other large-scale online sellers. When consumers search for product, we offer strategies that put your business on their radar, and empower you to close the sale.

Are you ready to boost your sales? SmartEtailing makes it easy. But don't just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say:

“Having a robust catalog of products has proven to be far more important than original content. Upon switching back to SmartEtailing I instantly saw an uptick in sales, often for items we didn’t have in the store yet that were available “in warehouse”, and also many more sales of hard-to-find bicycles that we do have in stock. I have been surprised how many phone calls and sales this transparency and visibility of products have brought to our stores. As far as I am concerned, SmartEtailing is the clear leader for our industry.”

—SCOTT MCAHREN | Fresh Bikes

Want to learn more? Call or email me to schedule a personalized no-obligation demonstration of how a SmartEtailing website can benefit your business.

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