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5 Ways To Increase Holiday Sales With Your Website

By Ryan Atkinson


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1. Link your POS System to your website.

71% of consumers expect to see in-store inventory online according to a recent study by Forrester Research. Linking your POS System and website together saves precious staff resources and provides the shopping experience consumers expect.

2. Merchandise products from brands participating inBuy Local Now on your website.

There are over 91 brands utilizing Buy Local Now buttons on their product pages, make sure these products are well merchandised on your website. This includes up to date pricing, real time inventory and great product information. Learn more about Buy Local Now.

3. Offer free shipping.

In the same Forrester Research study, they found when buying online, if a product is available from multiple retailers at the exact same price, 75% of people said free shipping would sway their decision to purchase.

4. Create events around the holidays that drive sales.

Take advantage of how consumers are shopping and pick a discount strategy that’s right for your business then create promotions around Black Friday and Cyber Monday or other holidays. Create a landing page on your site for these events, then use email, social media, Ad-words and other means to get the word out about the these promotions. Online spending for Black Friday was up 18% in 2013 according to a recent article from Entrepreneur. As an alternative strategy REI and a number of other retailers have boycotted Black Friday publicly. This tactic is drawing attention to their brand in a very genuine way which I think resonates particularly well with Millennials.  

5. Track your results in Google Analytics.

See what brands are generating the most referrals from Buy Local Now in Google
Analytics. Track how your promotional efforts are coming along by monitoring traffic on the event landing pages leading up to a specific promotion. Make adjustments to your product selection and marketing tactics based on the results you see.

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